Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What animal are you?

What animal are you?

What animal are you?

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Pete said...

I'm a moose! (Apparently quiet and contemplative but I like to spend time with my friends. True.)

Emily Barton said...

Pete, that sounds much more like me than "tough, dominant leader" does. Think that's why all the other lions make fun of me all the time and are always saying, "You're SUCH a moose!"?

stefanie said...

It doesn't like me. I kept saying I need to enter an apartment number but I don't have an apartment number! I'm sure I would be something exciting an interesting though :)

mandarine said...

Not the kind of animal to enter all sorts of personal information, skip a ton of advertisements, just to be forced onto a list of promotional offers which I cannot skip.

I used to want to be an eagle, but now I am not so sure about the raw meat. Dolphins were among my favorites too, but I object to raw fish too. A parrot, or a lemur, then.

Emily Barton said...

Mandarine, I agree about not being that kind of animal. My original post on this came with a warning about that (as well as a discussion as to why I'm not a lion), but we had a sudden bad storm in the midst of my composing it, lost power, and I lost the whole post, except for this piece of it which the other site automatically posted for me. Being lazy, I just said "f**k it," and went ahead with the post without all my musings, figuring I'd get them into the comments somehow (and now, thanks to you, I have).