Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bob and Emily Talk VII

(So, I was going to write a blog post all about Apple and my thoughts on the new iPad, but this seemed somehow more appropriate today, so that one will just have to wait.)

Bob and Emily are snowshoeing along the Creek behind their house, because they have been blessed with the second New-England-like snowstorm Lancaster County has seen this winter (16 inches, with drifting over 2 feet in places). In fact, if there were just a few more trees around here, they might even be fooled into believing they were in New England. Anyway, because they are walking along the creek, they have just gone under a bridge that they have gone over too many times to count since moving here but have never gone under. From this viewpoint, with its obvious cracks and chunks missing, Emily is wondering why it hasn't been condemned. In fact, she is wondering if she ever wants to drive over it again. She pauses while underneath it to survey the damage.

Bob: Come on. Hurry up.

Emily: What on earth is the hurry? We're not trying to get anywhere. I want to look at this bridge.

Bob: Because, if a car (who is he kidding? They have seen a total of two cars on this road since they set out on their adventure) suddenly comes driving over it, I can just see a chunk falling off and hitting you on the head.

Emily (after scurrying through -- well, if what one does in snowshoes can ever be considered "scurrying" -- because she hadn't thought of that, and then being annoyed with herself): There are no cars around for miles.

Bob: Yes, but knowing you, some Hummer will come out of nowhere or something, and a chunk of cement that seems like it couldn't possibly come loose, will spot you, and head right for you.

A little while later, they are backtracking along the creek, and Bob is ahead of Emily. She notices that he seems to be headed back under the bridge.

Emily: Why are you going that way?

Bob: It's the way we came.

Emily: Well, I was going to climb up the bank on this side, so I can walk back home on the opposite side of the street that we walked down here on.

Emily (noting that Bob has changed his route and is climbing up the bank on this side of the bridge): You don't have to go that way just because I am. You can go back under the bridge and come up on the other side, if you want.

Bob: I have to go this way in case you kill yourself.

Emily: I am not going to kill myself. This is my road. I walk this thing almost every single day.

Bob: Yes, but not when there are 2-ft high snow drifts.

Bob has an awful lot of confidence in Emily, doesn't he? I wonder if it's warranted.


sarawithnoh said...

Sounds to me like Superman will see that no harm comes the way of Lois Lane - it's very sweet!

Pete said...

Sounds like you had fun though (dodgy bridges notwithstanding). Weren't you tempted to throw a few snowballs at Bob when he wasn't looking?

Stefanie said...

yay! Glad the new snowshoes didn't have to languish in the garage for the rest of the winter. Pretty scary about the bridge. I would be pretty grumpy if my husband behaved as Bob did but because it isn't my husband I can say, oh how sweet! :)

Courtney said...

Well, some people are just more prone to unusual situations than others...that might be you, perhaps? At least he wants to keep you alive! Not sure I can say the same for Sam after ALL THESE DAYS locked up together.

Emily Barton said...

Sara, stay tuned for Bob and Emily Talk VIII: Emily tells Bob that Sara referred to him as Superman. (Then again, maybe that shouldn't happen. It might go to his head too much.)

Pete, yes, if only my aim weren't so completely useless.

Stef, sweet the way, you know, over-protective brothers are, if you don't happen to have one.

Court, LOL! I hope you two have not killed each other and have managed to dig yourselves out. Lots of digging still going on in this area of the state.