Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Answers to the All About Mememememe Meme

So, here are the answers from the Queen. Thank you to all those of you who participated.

1. The Queen was born and raised in:
a. North Carolina

She has also lived in:
b. Virginia (where she went to college)
c. Connecticut (almost her entire adult life with an idyllic period for three years in which it was both CT and NYC)
d. Pennsylvania (where she never, ever imagined living)

2. The Queen's favorite book is:
a. She's told you a hundred times that she doesn't have one

This really was a trick question, though, so she's giving credit to those who said:
b. Don Quixote -- Miguel de Cervantes

After all, she technically hasn't said anything 100 times on this blog (except maybe "Bob." She hasn't counted). However, she goes on and on and on about Don Quixote, and it always comes up as that "desert island" book, so she can see why some might think it's her favorite.

She has been known to be rather disdainful, at times, of:
c. Harry Potter -- J.K. Rowling (but that has not kept her from reading half the books, and she does plan to get around to reading all of them at some point).

She struggled pitifully with:
d. Friends and Relations -- Elizabeth Bowens.

3. It's Friday night, and if the Queen is watching a movie (and has not been influenced by the extremely influential Bob), that movie is:
b. Some, any, "sappy" musical. It is not sappy, thank you very much.

She's not watching:
a. Clint Eastwood, because The Queen is not a huge fan of Clint Eastwood movies and only watches them with those with whom she is in love. (She is alone. I suppose you could claim she is in love with herself, but "herself" likes musicals.)

Some might be inclined to think the Queen is watching:
c. Titanic
because, well, they've come to think of the Queen as being rather romantic, and this movie is acclaimed to be one of the most romantic of all time. The Queen's thoughts on that: greatest love story with only one night of "love"? It was more like "greatest and longest one-night stand ever." (She did, however, very much enjoy those beginning scenes when the submersible went down and explored the real wreckage of the Titanic. She so, so wants to do that!)

And, well, she already told you how she feels about Catherine Zeta-Jones.

4. The Queen met her husband
c. At the library. You can read about that here.

She and he did work together at the same publishing company, but she was there first.
The other choices were how the poor Queen met many Mr. Wrongs before meeting her Mr. Right.

5. c. Hot dogs (especially "all the way," Southern style) are definitely the reason the Queen could never be a vegetarian.

No way does she:
a. think all vegetarians are wimps. Are you kidding? Those who have the willpower to live without hot dogs and sushi? They deserve gold medals.

And I don't think someone who drives around saying things like "Hello goats and horses" to the goats and horses out grazing in the fields could possibly be someone who
b. doesn't like animals and couldn't care less if we kill them

d. She hates vegetables and never cooks with them? Well, that's just plain absurd (right, Ms. Musing?).

6. In the Queen's nightmare in which she is stranded downtown doing something she hates, she is:
a. Shopping for clothes (but, true, Ms. Musing, she has never done so with you. Nor has she done so with ZM or Courtney, all of whom have volunteered, at some point, to take her. I'm sure the nightmare would be more pleasant with such company).

It's not:
b. Eating sushi. (See the question above about being a vegetarian.)

Nor is it:
c. Spending six hours in a used bookstore (but every single one of you knew that).

It actually could be:
d. Drinking martinis with a group of friends, if she's made the mistake of drinking more than one in an hour (or more than two period). However, we are choosing to believe she's just having a lovely martini and laughing and living it up with friends and is not falling down on the pavement or making a complete fool of herself in some other way.

7. The Queen would be lost without:
b. Her kitchen

There's no way she could climb up into a:
a. Ford Expedition, let alone drive it. And she would never own such a gas-guzzler anyway.

Sadly, she is way too uncoordinated to get the hand of:
c. Texting, and why pay for something that is just a constant reminder of how uncoordinated she is?

She happens to think that:
d. Rachael Ray is one of the most annoying women on the planet.

8. Of course the Queen has patience for people who say:
a. "I just read the best book."

Or, even better:
b. "I love math!"

And she's looking for the friend who will come forward and say:
c. "I've got a little apartment on the Upper West Side where you can stay any time you'd like." (Did someone just say that? The Queen is all ears...)

But she wants to smack all those who say:
d. "I support women's rights, but I'm not a feminist."

9. The Queen is in the Caribbean. She most definitely is not:
a. Working on her gorgeous tan. Those of you who know the pasty-white, remark-that-it's-sunny-out-and-burn Queen, who is always talking about investing in a sunscreen company, know how laughable this is.

Nor is the uncoordinated Queen:
c. Playing volleyball

And the Queen just cannot bring herself to be:
d. Eating goat

What is she doing?
b. She's about forty feet under the sea, looking for turtles and puffer fish

10. And if the queen's laughing out loud while reading, she really does not need to tell you she's reading:
d. Three Men in a Boat -- Jerome K. Jerome, does she?

It's a lovely book, but there is nothing laugh-out-loud funny at all about
a. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn -- Betty Smith, although you might see the tears rolling down her face if you catch her reading that one.

People have told her that
b. Moby Dick -- Herman Melville is funny, but it also is probably more likely to cause tears -- of frustration over not being able to get into it -- than guffaws.

And she recently informed everyone that she's glad Shakespeare wrote many plays other than
c. King Lear -- William Shakespeare, or she'd have no idea what all the fuss is about.


And The Queen was so dubbed by:
b. The Hobgoblin

Although she gets many of her memes from:
a. Charlotte

And the one who is most likely to have read every single one of her memes is:
c. Mandarine

And no:
d. I did not (I'm not as creative as The Hobgoblin or either of the others).

Every single one of you did a superb job (especially given that there were two answers to #2). I guess you know me pretty well.


Stefanie said...

As usual, your revelation of the answers to your questions was as much fun as the questions themselves!

mandarine said...

Yes, I know I have read all your memes, but as I have:
a) a very leaky memory
b) often read the same memes by tagged or tagging bloggers in the same reading session until all the blogger friends turn into a friendly memetic magma...

so there is no way I could have found all the answers to this meme.

knitseashore said...

I came to your post late, but I did pretty well! I just didn't realize that you were a fan of musicals.

Emily Barton said...

Stef, thank you! I always aim to amuse, and it's nice, occasinally, to have verification that I do.

Mandarine, quit lying :-)! You remembered an entire blog post that I, the author, had completely forgotten. Your mind is like a trap, not a leaky faucet (and is often quite intimidating to we mere earthling mortals).

Ms. Knits, I would certainly hope you'd ace it!
P.S. I know I owe you an email, and one is coming soon (I promise1). You know, the life of the unemployed...

litlove said...

Those answers are such fun! Thank you for starting my day off with a good laugh, Emily!

Dorothy W. said...

I did pretty well (especially given your flexibility with #2), but I'm embarrassed to have missed the extra credit, given that the answer is my husband! Oops.

Emily Barton said...

Litlove, any time!

Dorr, I was a bit surprised by that myself. Then again, we are not our husbands' keepers. Who knows what they get up to dubbing people while we're busy reading/writing/enjoying martinis with girlfriends, etc.?

Susan said...

Hilarious! Lovely reading, and I love that you would be scuba diving if you were in the Caribean!! I would be above you, frolicking in the beautiful blue water. And that you hate The Titanic too - the best part really is when the boat sinks. Having watched the last part again recently (I channel surfed until the movie reached that part, I couldn't bear to watch the movie again), I can attest to the gripping action as the ship tilts upwards that it is exciting.

Rachel Ray? Right on! *high five*
and 6 hours in a used bookstore? oh, heavenly!!!

I can hardly wait for your first letter! :-D

Emily Barton said...

Susan, oh yes, I did love the whole breakup of the ship in The Titanic, too. But really, you need to watch it on DVD, so you can skip through all the unrealistic, tedious bits, don't you?

First letter is half written and will be on its way to you this week.

sarawithnoh said...

I just knew I'd get the laugh out loud at the book question wrong and I'm so glad you aren't eating goat on vacation!

Emily Barton said...

Sara, I did once eat goat on vacation, but never again.