Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who Would've Thought?

Well, it's been proven once and for all. I'll have to scratch "control freak" off the list of words I use to describe myself. Now, what can I do to protect myself and to make sure no one around me suckers me into being controlled by them?

You Are 12% Control Freak

There's no way you're a control freak. You're totally laid back - and able to take life as it comes.

While you definitely have a healthy mental attitude, don't get suckered into letting someone control you.

But wait a minute. I'm also:

Who were you in a past life?

You were the man called Napoleon! You are ambitious, but a bit of a loner. You'd conquer the world just so you could tell it to leave you alone.
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Yep, that laid-back dude Napoleon.

But I guess there's no getting around the fact that I'm a loner:

Which mythological creature are you?

You are a unicorn! Unbridled and free, you are an independent and intelligent soul. Sensitive yet strong and willful, you prefer to be alone or with a few carefully chosen companions. You posess a lot of traits that are found as rarely as unicorns are :)
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But where's the quiz about online procrastinating instead of getting ready and out the door to go to a wedding?


Anonymous said...

I am a muse, and I was Shakespeare in a past life.

Froshty said...

I am 24% control freak (which means I "have achieved the perfect balance of control and letting go" and I "tend to roll with whatever life brings, but ... never get complacent." In a past life, I was Elvis Presely (!) - I didn’t take long to reincarnate; I love life too much! I get where I want to go by riding the whims of my heart. I am a muse. Creativity is my game- whether my passion is art, writing, music, or crafting, I always have a good unique idea and sophisticated talents. Have you ever noticed that these quizzes are designed to make you think that you're great, no matter what the results are?

Emily Barton said...

Hobs, well, to be the master plarwright AND his inspiration all in one. No wonder I'm so in awe of your talent.

Froshty, yes, it is amazing how none of these quizzes say things like, "So sorry to tell you you're Napoleon." But, really, Napoleon with a positive spin? (Although I wish I'd known when I was single and dating that I'm the sort who would conquer the world just to tell it to leave me alone. I always thought I was the sort cowering in a corner, terrified the world might reject me).

IM said...

Wow, you are unique, A laid back unicorn Napoleon. Sounds like a very good mix. Just don't try to invade Russia. Hang out by the pool instead.

Anonymous said...

I only had time to take the p ast life quiz and I was Elvis! "You were Elvis Presly! You didnt take long to reincarnate, you love life too much! You get where you want to go by riding the whims of your heart!" I am rather fond of peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Finally had time to do the mythology one and I got unicorn too!

Rebecca said...

I was a prince in a past life, apparently, but can't remember what the quiz said. Accompanying pic of some dodgy Machiavellian dude, though.
I am also a muse.

Emily Barton said...

Stef, seems you and I are the only unicorns amongst all the muses out here.

Becky, better a prince than a princess!