Saturday, February 02, 2008

You Make My Day Meme

I was very honored to be given the You Make My Day Award by ZoësMom. This means I’m supposed to tag something like five or ten others, which I sat down to do but just couldn’t. You see, as I went through my blog roll, I began to realize I just didn’t want to leave out anyone. All of you make my day and have become very important parts of my everyday life. It’s like trying to choose one favorite book. How does one do it? Thus, I decided instead, just to go down my entire blog roll, which I recently cleaned up and added to, and let everyone know why these bloggers make my day. I’m not going to bother to put actual links in here, as you can just click on their links to the right, and I’m too worried that I will mistype someone’s URL (Spell Check won’t help me catch a mistyped URL) and lead you off into Never Never Land.

Here we go, in alphabetical order:

Absidea: well, that’s just Mandarine in disguise. See: Mandarine.

Best New Writing on the Web: fabulous new site founded by Litlove. See: Tales from the Reading Room, and read this blog. I’m sure my blog roll is eventually going to grow due to this site.

Biblio Addict: I only recently “met” Biblio Addict, but I knew we would be instant friends. First of all, she, like I, reads a million books at any given time. Secondly, when I was introduced to her, she was busy posting on such things as books about zombies and a collection of horror stories by John Connolly (I didn’t even know he wrote anything other than thrillers until I read her post). Well, you know horror and me…it was a match made in heaven.

Bloglily: oh, what would life be without dear Bloglily? She’s so, so good at making me realize what’s truly important about this fragile life of ours. Oh, and she impresses me to no end, because she manages to be a lawyer, write novels, and take care of a husband and three boys. I can’t imagine! But she has the sort of drive and sense of humor (and view of life, of course!) that make one capable of such things.

Book World: hers was the first book blog I ever read, introduced to me by Becky of Musings from the Sofa (thank you, Becky!). I never knew such blogs existed, but I was completely hooked by her passionate descriptions of what she was reading (whether she loved or hated it) and her wonderful sense of humor. Through her, I soon discovered many other book bloggers out there (way too many, I’m afraid, for me to keep up with on a regular basis, as much as I might like to spend my whole life doing nothing but reading about books).

Cam’s Commentary: you know how you have some friends who seem to have been put in this world to make you feel great about yourself? That would be Cam. She has never failed in comments on my blog or in responses to my comments on hers to make me feel great about myself. Along with this wonderful quality to support others, she is an extremely beautiful and thoughtful writer – very poetic. Oh yes, and she loves the Hudson River and the Upper West Side of Manhattan as much as I do. Need I say more?

Chain-Reading: first of all, isn’t that a GREAT name for a blog? Ms. Chain-Reader is another one I’ve only just discovered. Why did I decide I loved her before I’d even found out she was more obsessed with books than I am? Well, she loves I Capture the Castle. I never met anyone who loved that book who wasn’t well worth knowing. Then I found out she wishes she were a librarian. She’s another one, like Stefanie (see: So Many Books), that the library world needs.

Charlotte’s Web: Isn’t it terrible how you often can’t remember how you first met a blogging buddy? I don’t know how I found my way to Charlotte, but I was instantly intrigued by a South African living in Germany and her take on it all. I very soon discovered she’s a brilliant writer, fabulous “foodie” (I’m sure you don’t consider yourself such, Charlotte, but you are in my book), and an absolutely superb mother, one of those people I so admire, because she was so obviously meant to be a mother and has all the right instincts (which just elude someone like me). Oh yes, and did I mention she likes books, and she has a wicked sense of humor (always good traits)?

Everything Inbetween (who is really “The Public, The Private, and Everything Inbetween): I was SO happy when I found Courtney! She’s my long-lost little sister, you see. (I always wanted a little sister.) I’m pretty sure that if someone took a picture of my brain and hers, they would be completely identical, we think so much alike. I discovered her not too long after I’d read Julie and Julia by Julie Powell, and my first thoughts (I’m not kidding, Court) were, “This woman could have done that better.” (Of course, I’ve just proven that we’re not really sisters, because Courtney has the will and determination to do something like cook her way through Julia Child. I don’t, but I’d love to watch her and reap the benefits of learning from her and tasting what she makes!)

Feminine Feminist: Oh, if only she still lived right upstairs! Oh, if only she at least lived in NYC instead of all the way over in Ireland. If you read her blog (she doesn’t post enough, as far as I’m concerned), you will only touch the surface of understanding what sort of person she is: so much depth, so much warmth, so much wisdom, so much intellect, so much good humor, so much overall beauty. That’s FemFem…she’s one of those people Bob and I feel so blessed to be able to call “friend.” Go visit her. You’ll see!

Froshty Mugs: she really is my sister. Can anyone tell? She’s the one from whom I learned to write and who helped shape my sense of humor. She’s still much funnier than I am. She’s had a very rough year, and it’s hard to keep up a blog through all that, but I have faith she will pick it up again soon, and she'll be making my day again when she does. I love her for her fierce loyalty and for having been one of my first “book advisors.” She still knows how to recommend the best chick lit, and she advises me on which contemporary authors I need to avoid.

GirlDrive: this one is brand new. I just discovered it through Charlotte when she posted on What We Said. It’s a fascinating look at women and feminism across the country.

Graphic Novel Challenge: one of my challenges. This one has made my day, because I’ve discovered a whole new genre that I’m enjoying.

Hobgoblin of Little Minds: Oh, the Hobgoblin! Whose day doesn't he make? He was the second book blogger I discovered, but I soon discovered he posted on more than just books. Then I discovered I could relate to so much of what he had to say. Then I discovered his wife at Of Books and Bikes. Then I discovered they lived practically next door to me. Then we met. I adore them both. What more can I say? (Oh, except that I also adore their very friendly and sweet dog Muttboy.)

Ian and Emily: This one made my day back in the day when we kept it up, because it was interesting to share something like this with my brother. Alas, it’s somewhat defunct, although we may pick it up again and even try a podcast next time we’re together.

Ian’s Blog: Ian was the first person I ever knew who had a blog. I was so impressed that my brother was obviously light years away from me when it came to technological knowledge, posting pictures, papers, etc. I don’t suppose it’s really necessary to tell you why I love Ian nor why I read his blog. I do think it’s necessary, though, to say that I hope I make everyone else jealous with the fact that I get to have such a cool, funny, and talented brother.

Jew Eat Yet: I first met Danny at an editorial meeting when I was new to my company and feeling very inadequate and way out of my league among all my brilliant, warm, and funny colleagues. Danny sat at my dinner table, and he immediately made me feel that maybe I was talented enough to fit in after all. His blog has been a great way to keep up with him since he left the company. But it’s also just a flat-out terrific read. He’s funny; he’s honest; he’s sensitive and sensible; and that warmth I felt from the beginning is so evident in all his thoughtful posts. Oh, and if any of you want to thank someone for the fact I started a blog, go over and thank Danny. He was one of the very first to encourage me to do so (it took me a while to bite, though. I had plenty of excuses).

Loose Baggy Monster: She reads and reads and then reads some more. But what’s most impressive about her is that she unapologetically embraces and acknowledges her desire to be a perpetual student. I admire her guts. I wish I had them. But since I don’t, I can happily live vicariously through her (often sighing, “Thank God I don’t have all that work to do!”). Oh, and unlike me, even in the midst of all that work, she manages to read for pleasure. The only book I ever read for pleasure during a semester at school was The Lords of Discipline, and I’m almost positive it was to blame for the “C” I received in statistics that semester (I mean, who wouldn’t rather read that book than do her statistics?). After that, I learned not to read for pleasure except during summer and Christmas breaks and became an English minor, so I could still read fiction every semester.

Make Tea Not War: I love Ms. Make Tea. How can I NOT love someone with "tea" in her name? I love her daughter DOTH as well (she who has been known to be a frog and who is obsessed with chocolate cookbooks). I wouldn’t love the daughter if the mother didn’t so obviously do so as well. Ms. Make Tea is so far beyond me in technological skills, it’s scary, but she still accepts me into her little world. I love her for her passion, for speaking her mind and for having such a great big heart. I wish she didn’t live halfway around the world from me (then again, good excuse to visit halfway around the world, isn’t it?).

Mandarine: ahh, my dear, sweet Mandarine! (Did I ever tell you that oranges are my favorite fruit?) He’s about twenty times smarter than I am, but he makes me feel brilliant and interesting anyway. One of these days, I’m hoping Bob and I will spend an afternoon sitting in his garden (oh, and let’s hope the hedgehogs are out and about!) eating cheese, drinking wine, and having a wonderful discussion with him and his lovely little family. And then I hope he’ll cook dinner (it must include brussels sprouts, which he’s taught me are not so bad after all).

Marissa’s Blog: Marissa is the only colleague I have who has shared her blog with me. She, like many others, doesn’t post enough (I guess she has a life), and she’s another technology whiz who puts me to shame. Her blog has been a great way for me to get to know her and what a cool person she is. After all, I can’t exactly stand around the water cooler and chat with her.

Musings from the Sofa: Becky is one of those wonderful friends you meet for lunch, both carrying books to lend and return. I so miss working with her and meeting her for lunch (and drinks and dinner and daytrips in NYC). Now I get to stay with her when I go to Connecticut, though (yea!). She didn’t want to start a blog, but aren’t you all so glad she did? I credit myself, because I kept pushing her (I’m sure others pushed her, too, but you know me: I’ll take all the credit anyway). She doesn’t think she can write, but she’s a brilliant writer and another one who is very funny (even funnier in real life) and who so refreshingly speaks her mind.

My Favorite Artist: this isn’t a blog, but Lindsay is my other sister whom, naturally, I also love. Don’t you think she should blog, too? I guess she’s just too busy painting, though. (Alas, a skill I don’t possess, despite trying to copy her all throughout our childhoods). Take a look at her web site. She’s awesome, isn’t she? She makes my day whenever she comments on my blog, and when we get together (which happens far too infrequently) to laugh hysterically over just about everything imaginable.

Noble Savage: an ex pat living in London? Do I wish I were her? Absolutely! Do I wish I could write about it with half the talent and wit she does? Absolutely! And how can I possibly not love someone who has an “I Bitch, Therefore I Am” category for her blog posts? Go read her. You’ll laugh your head off, and then you’ll discover that while you were laughing, you were also extremely touched by her.

Of Books and Bicycles: I wish all of you could meet Dorr. “Endearing” is the first word that comes to mind when I think of her. You just can't help but be drawn to her. Then “so, so intelligent,” comes to mind, quickly followed by “witty,” and “caring.” Dorr writes so beautifully and meticulously about two of her passions: books and bicycling. I wish I had her attention to detail. Oh and some other pluses about her: she hates shopping and housekeeping as much as I do! See also: Hobgoblin of Little Minds.

Outmoded Authors Challenge: the other challenge to which I am currently committed and which has made my day by introducing me to the likes of G.K. Chesterton and Sir Walter Scott.

QC Report: over the year and a half that I’ve been blogging, some of you have commented a number of times on the fact that you find me funny. I promise you, I am the Idiot compared to QC’s Einstein when it comes to comedic genius. If you’re not reading her, and you’re reading me, because you think I’m funny, she’s really the place you want to be. I have, literally, fallen out of my chair laughing so hard at one of her posts (the one about the lunch out with friends in the horribly painful shoes). One of these days, we will all be fortunate enough to be able to read the book she’s writing.

So Many Books: I am SO glad that Stefanie is in library school. Libraries definitely need the likes of her – someone who has the magical ability to convince people to read a book they might otherwise have looked at and thought, “Bleh. Not my type of thing at all,” as well as being technologically savvy, and used to holding the hands of Luddites. Her passion and wit have challenged me in so many ways, and, oh my, does she read a lot for someone who manages to post on everything she reads.

Striped Armchair: she’s a nanny to a toddler and STILL manages to read so much? I am in complete and utter awe (notice: awe may be a huge factor when it comes to making my day online). Not only does she read them, but she posts on all of them, and she’s just so ingenuous, it’s difficult not to want to be with her. She’s another one who has a real talent for making we want to pick up books I probably never would have thought of reading without her.

Tales from the Reading Room: Litlove is another soul sister. She somehow managed to find me during the first week I started blogging, I think, and she’s been a reliable friend ever since. I’d be at a huge loss and would cry buckets for days were Litlove ever to leave the blogosphere. However, she seems to be leading a Blog Revolution (creating Best New Writing on the Web and publishing a book of her favorite blog posts), so (PHEW!) I don’t think that’s going to happen.

The Alternate Side Parking Reader: I’m sure those who’ve never lived in NYC and had to deal with alternate side of the street parking can still probably appreciate this site. However, those of us who have, not only appreciate it, but love it and so admire someone who has managed to deal with it for so long and still keep a sense of humor. Most of us, instead of keeping a blog, would have sold our cars and sworn off them by now.

The Havens: I don’t know why, as I’ve never met Ms. Havens, but Bob and I have a friend who lives in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, and I am sure she and Ms. Havens were separated at birth. I know if I ever arrived at the House of Havens, I’d be greeted with a warm hug, an overstuffed chair, and something delicious to eat. I’d then be encouraged to relax, to take long walks and enjoy the outdoors, and to read and rest to my heart’s content. I might even be inspired to do a little gardening. Oh yes, and, as I recently discovered, I'd be served wine from a bottle with a beautiful label.

The Library Ladder: life was horrible during Heather’s long, long absence. Then she came back, not as often, but still: she’s back. I love her take on books. I love her comments on my blog. I love the fact she tries to gather together blog meet ups in Toronto. I love the fact she uses library ladder rungs to rank books – so clever. I just plain love her. Enough said!

Things that Go Bump in the Night: this is where I occasionally post ghost stories, the writing of which often makes my day.

Two-Legged Animal: what happened to her? I miss her! I keep her on my blog roll, hoping that one day she’ll return.

What We Said: created by Bloglily. This is where none of us posts enough, but I’m going to try to do so more this year (yeah, yeah, I know. I said that last year). It truly makes my day when others do, as it’s such a great forum for many different voices to express their thoughts on feminism.

ZoësMom: so I started with ZM, and I end with her. I met ZM, who works at my former company, through Becky. I haven’t met Zoë, but take a look at her picture. Isn’t she adorable? ZM’s another book lover with a wicked sense of humor (gee, anyone see a theme here?). Of course, I also love her, because the title of her blog doesn’t really reflect many of her posts (know anyone else like that?). But really, the best thing about her is that she always seems game for such things as lunch, afternoon tea, and laughing about the weird things husbands do. I can even forgive Becky and her for their love of shopping.

All right, please note: my blog roll is overwhelmingly populated by females (which is funny, because in real life, I’ve almost always tended to have more male than female friends). I am not sexist. If you happen to be a male obsessive reader with a wicked sense of humor of whom I can be in awe, please make yourself known. What can it hurt? I am sure to do nothing but praise you to the hilt (oh yes, and add you to my blog roll, so I can keep up with you).


Marissa Dupont said...

I am honored to be among the other blogs you link to. And you are also the only other coworker who has shared their blog with me. We can't be the only ones who have blogs there. We should start some sort of campaign to get our coworkers to share their blogs too! :)

Amanda said...

Gosh Emily- how very sweet. A number of people in 'real life' generally find that speaking my mind thing I do quite UNcharming so its nice to hear someone appreciates it:)

Amanda said...

Incidentally I like the fact that you, a pastor's wife, read my blog. I also have a rabbi's wife reader. It warms my atheist heart having that meeting of minds between ostensibly quite different people

Eva said...

Thanks so much Emily! I admire you tremendously, so that makes your comments extra special. :) And how awesome of you to take the time and energy to tell everyone on your blogroll how special they are, instead of leaving people out. That's just great!

In fact, I think I might take this idea and start a little feauture where once a week I talk about how much I love one of the blogs I read. Ooohhh...*wanders away to start a draft*

mandarine said...

The brussels sprout season is not the best weather-wise, but is sure is interesting food-wise. How about:
- mâche with smoked duck's breast, goat cheese and honey?
- rye bread toasts with walnuts and roquefort?
- cassoulet with confit de canard?
- aligot?
- pumpkin soup with cheese, bread and swiss chard (or spinach)?
- four spice and cream purées: parsnip + cinnamon, jerusalem artichoke + cumin, brussel sprouts + nutmeg, and carrots+turnip + curry
- pancakes with chestnut jam?
- blackberry pie?
- poached pears with molten chocolate?

Anne Camille said...

Oh my gosh! That is by far the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. And it truly made my day on a day where little else came close. Thanks you! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Emily! You truly made my day today. You even inspired me to get out of my blog funk and write a post. I'm honored. :)

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Emily, if there is any credit it is yours. And you will shortly be receiving another 'make my day' nomination, it's just that I'm a little behind.

Rebecca H. said...

Wow -- what a nice post! I'll remember those nice things you said about me for quite some time. And I'll have to check out those on your blogroll I'm not familiar with.

litlove said...

This is so lovely Emily, and so exemplary of your dear, generous nature. It's also a brilliant solution to the problem of tagging only ten bloggers which is where I keep stumbling on this one! Thank you so very much for your kind words, and with friends like you in the blogosphere, how could I possibly leave it?

ZoesMom said...

Wow, you really made my day! And everyone else's on this list, I am sure. It is definitely something great to be mentioned in this company.

Speaking of your list, I must go check out a bunch of these. Thanks for that too!

Emily Barton said...

Gollygee, I'm sure we can't possibly be the only ones. After all, we work for a publishing company. Maybe we can figure out a way to get others to spread the word. (This also answers my question as to whether or not you still read my blog. I wasn't sure.)

Ms. Make Tea, I don't think people speak their minds quite enough, so I find it charming when they do. Oh, and, since college, I've maintained that the most Christ-like people I seem to know all refer to themselves a "atheists."

Eva, you're welcome, and glad I inspired a new idea for blog posts for you (as if you need new ideas).

Mandarine, oh you're right. It will have to be an unseasonably warm day with the last of the brussels sprouts. But my mouth is watering reading all your offerings. I'd like them all!

Cam, I can't believe it's the nicest thing, but so happy to have made your day.

LBM, oh, so THAT'S what it takes to get you to post.

MFS, well, thank you. I take it that means a longed-for post from you as well?

Dorr, how nice to think my words are sticking to you, oh and do check out the unfamiliar blogs. They're all good fun.

Litlove, may I quote you on that "dear, generous nature" next time Bob and I have a fight? Funny, I could say the same about you. And you're very welcome.

ZM, well, see, I told you I was going to make your day back! And glad to add to your blog roll anytime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Emily! That was the sweetest thing I've read in quite a while. I think that just about guarantees I'll have a wonderful week now. : )

Anonymous said...

WOW, that's some list!! I'm sure you made their day!

Froshty said...

Gosh, Emily, I'm blushing. Thanks so much! But after reading your description of trying to knit, I don't know if I'm funnier than you anymore or not.

Emily Barton said...

Froshty, well, it isn't very often that I get to make you blush! Oh, and so glad you thought the knitting post was funny.