Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Pooh Character Test

I got this one from Loose Baggy Monster. How can anyone possibly resist Pooh? Meanwhile, I think it's true that I'm so fun-loving (and tend to drag others along with me). However, I'm pretty sure my friends would disagree about my leaning on them and asking for too much help. I hate to ask anybody for anything! (Now, I'm off to ask Bob if he can help me find our copy of The House at Pooh Corner.)

Your Score: Roo

You scored 13 Ego, 12 Anxiety, and 13 Agency!

"We can't get down, we can't get down!" cried Roo.
"Isn't it fun? Pooh, isn't it fun, Tigger and I are living in a
tree, like Owl, and we're going to stay here for ever and ever.
I can see Piglet's house. Piglet, I can see your house from
here. Aren't we high? Is Owl's house as high up as this?"

"How did you get there, Roo?" asked Piglet.

"On Tigger's back! And Tiggers can't climb downwards,
because their tails get in the way, only upwards, and Tigger
forgot about that when we started, and he's only just
remembered. So we've got to stay here for ever and ever--unless
we go higher. What did you say, Tigger? Oh, Tigger says if we
go higher we shan't be able to see Piglet's house so well, so
we're going to stop here."

You scored as Roo!

ABOUT ROO: Roo lives with his mother and his friend Tigger. He is the youngest member of the Hundred Acre Wood, and loves to go along with his friends on their adventures - when Kanga will let him. No matter what happens to Roo, be it falling into the river, getting stuck in a tree, or being kidnapped by near-strangers, he enjoys ever minute of it. Roo isn't one to worry about such things. That's Kanga's job.

WHAT THIS SAYS ABOUT YOU; You are a positive, fun loving person. You take life as it comes, and feel sure that everything will be all right. You can usually find a silver lining on every cloud.

It's lucky that your friends find you so endearing, because you do tend to lean on them a lot. You are not always very self sufficient. You tend to rely on the help of your family or friends when things get tough. You don't always take the initiative to do things for yourself. You feel like you can't do a very good job at these things, so instead you ask your more capable friends and family to help you. It's time you decided to stand on your own two feet!

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Charlotte said...

I be WOL. Be careful, little Roo ...

Anne Camille said...

I'm eeyore. EEYORE????

Emily Barton said...

Charlotte, I'm being careful...

Cam, I always ADORED old Eeyore.

ZoesMom said...

This is an irresistible quiz. I've always adored Roo.

Must go find out who I am...

Susan said...

I'm rabbit!! Rabbit! I don't fuss like that! I always thought I was piglet! But, the not having patience for stupid people makes me laugh!! Thanks for the quiz....

Emily Barton said...

ZM, that's such a cute picture of Roo, isn't it?

Susan, there seem to be a lot of rabbits out here among bookish sorts of bloggers.