Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Birthday Post

Funny, huh? Unlike almost everything else in my life, when I think about how old my blog is, I find myself thinking, “Only two? Can that be?” It seems I’ve been blogging forever. Usually, I’m thinking, “I can’t believe it’s been two whole years.” For instance, I still think of myself as “the new girl” at work, which I’m not. I’ve been in this position for three years, and I’ve seen plenty of people hired since I came on board.

Since it’s my second birthday, the first thing I want to do is to thank those people who were instrumental in getting me to get Telecommuter Talk up and running. First, was my brother Ian, who had stopped blogging when I started mine, but then started up again, and whose blog I still think is better than mine (but he doesn’t post as often as I do, so I’ve got him beat there). Second was my friend Elmo (not his real name, but he insists on remaining anonymous) who always encouraged me to write. The third was Danny, whose blog made me feel no one would ever bother to read mine, but he was still encouraging (a rarity: someone with incredible talent who’s also warm and generous to others, although my place of employment does seem to breed people like that).

Secondly, I want to thank those of you who’ve been with me for a very long time. My sisters Froshty and Linser, of course, were reading me from the very beginning, and Litlove, did you know you were the very first non-real-life friend/family member ever to comment (well, except for a couple of “anonymouses,” and I don’t know who they were)? It looks like Mandarine was, but that’s because he took on the laborious task of retrospectively reading my entire blog, for which I want to thank him (also for giving me the idea for my morning and evening “commutes” to and from work, and most importantly for comparing me to chocolate. The man’s a saint, really). Hobs came along early on, followed not too long after by Dorr. And Bloglily, Charlotte, Courtney, Ms. Make Tea, and Cam have all been with me almost since the beginning as well. You-all were so encouraging from very early on, and you can credit yourselves for keeping this blog going, because your comments have always meant so much to me that obsessively checking to see if you’ve said anything looking forward to hearing from you has sometimes been the only reason for writing the next post.

Of course, now there are many, many more of you, and you all contribute to keeping this blog going. I picture people coming out of the woodwork to say, “No, please don’t stop,” every time I think I ought to stop blogging and put all this writing energy elsewhere. And that is something that two years ago I never, ever would have dreamed picturing. I thought I’d be lucky to keep my family members interested in this blog. Not only do more than five people read me, but I’ve begun to meet some of you and get to know others better, and that is one of the great lessons I’ve learned from blogging: you really do meet wonderful people. It’s probably the best thing about blogging.

I decided for my birthday to go back and read my first week of posts, which begins here. To read that, you’d think I was going to be blogging about telecommuting. Huh! And I thought I was going to be able to do that for a full year. Double huh! I was curious to see if I’d changed much since that first week, but no. I’m just as delusional as ever. I was happy to find this, somewhat different, post from that week, though, especially coming up on the two-year anniversary of Bob’s graduation and thinking about all that’s come since then.

After reading posts from that week, I started browsing through the blog and stopping at random posts (quite obviously, I have nowhere near the patience and stamina Mandarine has), some of which I’d almost completely forgotten writing (does anyone else do that?). Anyway, thought I’d link you to Emily’s ten all-time favorites from the past two years to enjoy if you feel like taking a walk down Emily Lane.

Griping about some people's gall:
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The difficulties of advising readers:
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The symbiotic relationship between writers and their editors:
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How "What We Said" Began (thanks to Bloglily):

An Unusual Evening with Hobs:
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So you know that inviting me to go clothes shopping with you is somewhat risky:
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A lifelong affliction inherited from my mother (that doesn't afflict me nearly as often now that our lives are more settled):
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I was so happy to find so many others out there like me:
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You know how sometimes, some posts are just plain FUN to write? This was one of those:
Not Exactly Minding My Own Business

My guess is that this is everyone else's favorite, since I got so many great responses to it:
#1 Book Slut

And what about you? What are your favorites from your own blog? Tell us. I’d love to know.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Are we really this old? You don't look a day over 1 and a half.

I love having these links to your posts. It's fun looking back.

And looking forward: to more posts that make me laugh and make me think, and of course to more mememememes! xo, Lily

Heather said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!! 2 years already? I haven't been popping in as much lately as I used to but it isn't because your blog posts are any less entertaining - if anything they are more entertaining. I'm just cheap and don't have internet at home and at work I don't have as much time. But you still ROCK believe me. :)

Eva said...

What a neat blogiversary post! I'd only read the last one before, so thanks for all of the links. :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Bloggin' Birthday! May there be many, many more :)

Anonymous said...

I feel rather honoured to be the first stranger (as it were) to comment on your blog. I vividly remember finding you and being so pleased to come across another blogger (I'd begun to find a few by then) who I felt could really write. You made me laugh - and you've been making me laugh on a regular basis ever since. Long may it continue!

Emily Barton said...

Bloglily, yes, I'm really THAT old? I promise: more posts to make you laugh and, of course, many more memes in the future.

Oh, Heather (Ms. Orange Blossom)! What a slight! I can't believe I forgot to include you as one who originally kept the blog going, because you definitely were. Glad to hear you still visit from time-to-time.

Eva, you're welcome. Glad you enjoyed them!

Stef, thanks. Well, there will be many more, as long as I don't run out of things to write about (which hasn't happened yet, since I began stringing letters together to form words 38 years ago).

Litlove, the feeling is mutual, because I feel honored that you were the first "stranger," and even more honored that you considered me to be a blogger who stood out from the crowd as a writer.

Anne Camille said...

Happy birthday, and thanks for the shout out. It's your writing and sense of humor that keeps us all checking for the next Emily post.

Emily Barton said...

Cam, then it's yet another perfect symbiotic relationship, huh?

BooksPlease said...

Happy Birthday! I can't remember when or how I found your blog - you were writing about your telecommuting life and I was still working full time and envious that you could work from home. Now I'm at home full-time (early retirement) which is wonderful and I look forward to reading your blog so much. You make me laugh and make me think too. Thank you.

ZoesMom said...

Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed reading some of your older posts -- clearly I missed out on some good stuff. I loved the post about eavesdropping! I would definitely subscribe to those new rules.

Keep on blogging -- I always look forward to your posts.

Rebecca H. said...

Happy birthday! I also remember who left the first comment on my blog; I was so surprised to see that a real live person had read me! It was Kate from Kate's book blog, by the way. I hadn't yet figured out that people would know I'd put them on my blog roll.

I'm so glad you've been blogging and that we could meet -- it's been great knowing you online and off!

Emily Barton said...

BP, interesting how life works, huh? You were envious of me, but now I'm envious of your early retirement (hoping to have one of those myself one day).

ZM, glad you enjoyed the older posts. I'm beginning to think everyone, every so often, ought to go back and re-post certain entries, because I know I've missed a lot of great posts from my regular reads.

Dorr, yes, it's been great getting to know you both on and off-line!

Anonymous said...

Happy blog-birthday! We did begin blogging right around the same time...I think I actually came a few months later. I'm so glad you intend to blog ad infinitum, as I do, too -

mandarine said...

I just found out I had not commented on this post. Happy two-year mark for your exceptional blogging!

Emily Barton said...

Thanks, Mandarine. Let's hope it remains "exceptional" (in a good way, that is).

Charlotte said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Emily! I clearly remember the first post of yours that drew me in: something hilarious about a chimney sweep. I've been pretty much addicted ever since.

Froshty said...

Well, darn it, I thought this would be a post dedicated to your oldest sister's birthday, but no, it's all about you. Figures! Just kidding--happy two years, Emily and please keep writing (in other words, don't turn into me.)

Emily Barton said...

Froshty, you're absolutely right. I should have said: May is a great month for birthdays! Both my sister and niece have birthdays in May. Everyone wish them a Happy Birthday! (But now, it's June. Oh well.) Don't worry, I'll keep writing, and you should start again, you know.