Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Blog Intertia Antitode List

Following Cam’s lead on an antidote to Bloglily’s blogertia, I’m posting here a list of all the things I want to post in the near future. Some of these have actually already been written by hand; they just need to make it into electronic format.

For The Soup’s On! Challenge:
The Best of Amish Cooking (I read and cooked from this one back in July!)
The I Hate to Cook Book (and this one I finished about three weeks ago)

People who share inappropriate information too soon

Good books v. great books

The annoying Ms. Michiko Kakutani

Who can wear white?

The prima donna scuba diver

Chasing David Sedaris

“Christians” and homosexual ordination

Perfect albums

Winter trepidation

10 reasons to love Maine (having been here for two days, I’m all ready to write this one)

Of course, I’m in Maine, so some of these might be interspersed with not just one, but several posts on loving Maine. Also, pictures. We’ll see.


Anne Camille said...

Of course I want to read all of these. I'm sure they'll all leave me laughing. Well, maybe not the serious ones, but I still want to read them.

Anonymous said...

Maine! You are so lucky. I want to hear your ten reasons.

I want to hear about all of this, actually.


litlove said...

Looking forward to all of them!

Anonymous said...

Oh please post some pics of Maine otherwise, nerd that I am, I will probably go to flickr and see some there!

Emily Barton said...

Cam, well, you know me. It isn't possible for me to be too serious for too long, so most of these will probably make you laugh.

Bloglily, yes, Maine for 3 glorious weeks, and I'm blissfully happy!

Litlove, good! All coming your way soon.

Pete, I haven't started taking any yet, but once I do, I'll start posting.