Friday, January 23, 2009

Emily and Bob Talk I

Thought it might be fun, occasionally, to post brief conversations between Bob and me. Here's one that took place last night, while I was, yet again, ensconced in The Faerie Queene (I promise a proper update post on that soon, most likely Sunday, when I'm halfway through the first book).

(You must read this conversation keeping in mind that neither Bob nor Emily has ever read a single word written by Tim LaHaye, and neither really knows much about him at all, although Emily keeps thinking she ought to try to read him, if for no other reason than that such an endeavor might make very good fodder for a humorous blog post.)

Emily: You know, Edmund Spenser was sort of the Tim LaHaye of his day.

Bob (looking about as incredulous as any human being can look): No he wasn't.

Emily: Well, I mean, a far-better educated, well-read, and historically-informed Tim LaHaye. But his interpretation (or maybe misinterpretation) of stuff in the should read [technically, that would be "re-read"] the way he personifies The Seven Deadly Sins.

Bob: Spenser was a genius. Tim LaHaye is a hack.

(At which point, the conversation ends, because, well, try as she might -- and you just know Emily and her general cussedness are trying -- Emily can't argue with that.)


litlove said...

LOL! Hilarious, and oddly reminiscent....

Rebecca H. said...

I haven't read LaHaye, but unfortunately that wouldn't keep me from pronouncing some truth about him either! It would be a great source of amusing posts were you to read one of his books ... I like the idea of posts on conversations between you and Bob, especially since I can picture the whole scene very easily!

Anne Camille said...

I might have said, very childishly, "Well, then he's like Dan Brown!" Not that that would have won the argument. I have at least read some of Brown (felt obligated by my book club to at least attempt two chapters), but none of LaHaye so I couldn't come up with anything better. I think the Spenser/Lahaye comparison, though, is hilarious.

Watson Woodworth said...

I've read a spoof of the Left Behind books written by a christian concerned about the simple minded muck LaHaye sells like hotcakes.
The book, Right Behind was purportedly coauthored by a sock puppet.

Anonymous said...

I think I would have pouted and said something like "fine by that way" for lack of any other argument :)

Emily Barton said...

Litlove, you are the one person I can ALWAYS count on to laugh (makes me feel so good).

Dorr, yes, I really do think I might read (or attempt to read) at least one of his books.

Nigel, and after I attempt to read Left Behind, I'll read Right Behind, which I am sure I will enjoy much, much more.

Stef, ahh, a kindred soul!