Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pen Pals II

Wow! I seriously didn't expect to get more than about three "takers" on this (especially from people I didn't even know were reading my blog). I'm heartened to see that so many others would like to see letter-writing kept alive. I will do my drawing soon and let everyone know who the five are.

Meanwhile, Eva raises a good question, since old-fashioned stationers have sort of gone out of style (although we had a couple in our old neighborhood in New York). I happen to live in Amish country, where it's quite easy to find stationery. Anyone want to suggest other good places to buy?

That's what I wrote in the comments to the overwhelming response to last week's plea for some 2009 pen pals. Yes, I only counted on about three, and I wound up with quite a few more than that. What I didn't count on was feeling so bad about having to pick from among you, but I can't possibly commit to keeping up with more than five pen pals. It would be unfair, really, because you'd end up getting letters that contained not much more than this, "Hope you're doing well. All is fine here. If you (sort of) want to keep up with what I'm doing, read my blog. Gotta write to such-and-such next. Ta-ta!"

So, sadly, I put all your names in my cap and picked the "winners." However, the rest of you shouldn't think of yourselves as "losers." Maybe we can all be part of something bigger. Ravenous Reader commented that maybe a blog-wide pen pal movement might be on the horizon. I think that would be wonderful. Thus, I'm posting links to those of you who commented, who have blogs, and maybe you can write letters to each other (those of you who don't have blogs can maybe get in touch through these links). Some of you may want to pass the idea on through your own blogs, if you want to have more than one pen pal, like me.

Here are my five 2009 pen pals. Could you please each (with the exception of Becky) send me an email with your snail mail addresses, so I can get started? Thanks!


This has turned out to be a pretty fair mix. Becky I know in real life (and she actually has received a couple of letters from me in the past, although I was anything but a faithful letter-writer). Hannah is one of those I had no idea was reading my blog. Heather has been with me practically since day one of my blogging career. Sara is someone I've just recently "met" online. Teresa and I have had a "fleeting" online relationship. And it's multi-country/nationality, too.

The other bloggers who would like pen pals are:

Ravenous Reader
Zoe's Mom
Tiffany would like a pen pal, but she doesn't have a blog.

I'll leave it to you guys to get in touch with each other.

A couple of others sounded interested, but begged off, mostly because of poor handwriting (although typewritten letters are fine in my book). These include:

Nigel (the only male respondent. Either I don't have many male readers, or letter-writing is more of a female than male thing these days?)

Finally, anyone who wants to answer Eva's question, please do!


Charlotte said...

Glad to hear you have found a heap of pen-pals. I think it's a wonderful idea, but I knew that I would be useless and you'd never get more than one letter from me. Email and blogging and other forms of social networking have completely replaced the letter in my life, which is kind of sad.

Watson Woodworth said...

I love letter writing.
I also really miss pay phones. But that's just me I think.

Amanda said...

I was just about to say what Charlotte said. I'm glad you've got a good lot of pen pals. It's a nice idea and I would have volunteered but, with the best of intentions, I would probably never get round to actually writing. Or even if I did write the actual letter it's unlikely I would get it together to find an envelope & stamp.

Eva said...

Don't feel bad! I was thinking about doing a blog post anyway, so that's just what I'll do. :)

I hope someone answers my question about stationary though-jealous of you and your Amish country. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh darn! I was really hoping to to be among the 5. That said, if any of the others are interested in being my pen friend, my email is at my blog!

As for Eva's stationery question, Barnes and Noble sometimes has nice boxed stationery with matching envelopes. I think Hallmark still sells boxed stationery. I've also found paper nice enough to use as stationery at places like Office Depot and Office Max.

Watson Woodworth said...

As for stationary I'm actually keen on postcards.
When I was a truck driver I would send postcards from hither and thither to the mum back in blue collar Warren, MI.

Emily Barton said...

Charlotte, I can even begin to imagine how you could POSSIBLY have time for such things as letter-writing (I'd much rather you spend your time on that novel, so I can have an autographed copy sitting on my shelves one day).

Nigel, oh I miss pay phones, too -- what on earth would Superman do in this day and age?

Eva, so glad to see you've jumped on the bandwagon over on your own blog.

Stef, I was hoping, too, and I hope others email you.

Nigel, I discovered yesterday, as I wrote my very first letter, that postcards most definitely wouldn't be big enough for me (although I love receiving them!).

Heather said...

Oh Boy! I am so excited by this that I can't even begin to express myself! I'm soooooo going stationary shopping this weekend!

Emily Barton said...

Heather, your first letter should be arriving imminently (it's written, but posting will be postponed due to the MLK holiday here).