Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Meme II

It's October, which means it must be time for some sort of spooky meme. Last year, I did the horror meme, but one of my all-time favorite memes was the Halloween meme someone else created the first year I had this blog. That was three years ago. I say it's about time for a sequel, no? So where is it? Why hasn't someone created it yet? I guess that means the old Queen o' Memes is just going to have to make it herself (on a very small budget, so hang onto your popcorn and expect Blair Witch sort of camera antics). Here we go.


1. Answer the questions on your own blog.
2. Tag 13 others to answer the questions on their blogs and link to them.

1). Which urban legend ghost scared the bejeezus out of you when you were a kid?

Any of the many who showed up to get the girlfriend after the boyfriend's car ran out of gas somewhere out near Lover's Lane, and he, oh-so-gallantly, left her out there on that country road, all alone, while he hiked the ten miles and back to the gas station with his gas can.

2). Which horror movie has the best premise?

Is there anything better than Psycho? Crazy man? Mother's skeleton in the attic? Woman attacked while naked and vulnerable in the shower? A close second would be Nightmare on Elm Street: your nightmares become real; you keep thinking you're awake when you're not; and the only way to stop a killer is to stay awake.

3). What is the most disappointing "treat" to receive in your bag on Halloween night?

Apples or mints or non-candy items like packages of crackers.

4). What's the best non-candy item to receive?

I don't know if it was true, but my father used to tell a story of someone he knew whose cat had 8 kittens right before Halloween. Apparently, the first 8 trick-or-treaters at his house that Halloween received a kitten in their bags. I wished fervently, all throughout my childhood, that I would get so lucky as to have a kitten dropped into my trick-or-treat bag.

5). Did a monster live in your closet when you were a child?

Yes, and under the bed, too. If your legs or arms stuck out from under the covers, the monster in the closet would come out and eat them. If a leg or arm hung over the side of the bed, a monster would grab it, pull you under the bed, and eat you. (Aren't older siblings who inform you of such things just grand?)

6). Which supernatural creature sent chills up your spine when you were ten and still does?

I hate to be so trendy, but vampires. In fact, I hate the fact that they've become so trendy. They're mine. I was loving Dracula when I was in third grade, people. That was long before many of you were born. I had to go to friends' houses to see him, because my parents wouldn't allow him in our house (a true Victorian romance).

7). Which supernatural creature makes you yawn?

Werewolves. Ho hum. You're human. Every so often you turn into a wolf? So what? Look at Dracula. He can do that wolf bit and that bat thing. And he's sexy. (Okay, if you are American and in London, I'll give you sexy, but still. You can't hold a candle to Dracula.)

8). What's your favorite Halloween decoration?

I like those little "ghosties" that people hang from their trees. I also like fake spider webs with spiders in them. Real spider webs would be better, but it's hard to get the spiders to cooperate.

9). If you could be anywhere on Halloween night, where would you be?

Transylvania. In a castle.

10). What's the scariest book you've read so far this year?

John Connolly's The Killing Kind. He certainly has a knack for creating some really scary bad guys.

11). Haunted houses or haunted hayrides?

Oh, haunted houses. Especially if the locked doors won't open and something is brushing the back of your neck.

12). Which Stephen King novel/movie would you least like to find yourself trapped in?

Christine. I don't like cars much to begin with, but a haunted one? And that radio was just so creepy, wasn't it?

13). Which are creepiest: evil dolls, evil pets, or evil children?

Evil dolls. Creepiest of all are evil children with evil dolls (oooo, that just might have to be turned into some sort of story).

I'm tagging the following thirteen (quick. Answer the questions, or the monster will come out of the closet and eat you):


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Courtney said...

Oh, this is super fun! I am planning on blogging do this now, or save it for Halloween? I am very excited because I learned from a neighbor we get trick or treaters in our neighborhood - other neighbors didn't know because they go out and party instead. Even though Sam will be out of town I am doing the scary music, the pumpkins, the candy!

Stefanie said...

Fun! If I had heard the kitten in the Halloween bag when I was a kid I would have been hoping for something like that to happen to me too. Though we already had a cat so I probably would have preferred a puppy in my bag :)

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic post. I'm going to follow suit but you'll find I'm a much bigger baby than you are!!

Pete said...

Joschka (my evil dog) would just LOVE a kitten in her bag for Halloween. She would be slobbering now in anticipation. Great meme - I just got P to answer the questions for me. And considering that we don't do Halloween in our (sadly disadvantaged) part of the world, she did pretty well.

Charlotte said...

I'm not usually one to turn down a meme, but, like Pete, I am culturally deprived and know nothing about Halloween. Neither South Africa nor Germany do it. My son drew a great picture of a vampire today - will that do?

Emily Barton said...

Court, lucky you to be in such a neighborhood. We don't get too many around here, although some of the kids from church get their parents to drive them over here, so, of course, I had to buy tons of candy (just in case, and I didn't buy all my favorites or anything...

Stef, we had two cats, but that didn't stop me!

Sara, come see me sometime when I've been stupid enough to watch something scary when I'm all alone, and then we can talk about who's a baby.

Pete, not too many of the questions are actually Halloween focused, so I bet you could do it, too (unless you shy away from horror. I purposely didn't tag some, because I know they do).

Charlotte, same comment to you as to Pete. I bet you really could answer most of these. But I learn something new. I knew S.A. doesn't do Halloween, but I had no idea that Germany doesn't, either -- with all those wonderfully spooky castle ruins? What a shame!

litlove said...

So glad to see the Queen o' memes in fine form! We do not do much about Halloween but my son is determined to dress up as a ghost this year. I bought him skeleton gloves from the supermarket and he looked at them and said 'A ghost, not a skeleton'. Well, it seemed to make sense to me in the shop!

Danny said...

Packages of crackers?? I hope you covered that loser's house in toilet paper!

I'm with you on the scary dolls. You only have to say the word "doll" and I'm transported to Karen Black being chased by those evil dolls of Satan in "Trilogy of Terror."

Emily Barton said...

Litlove, I purposely didn't tag you, because I know you're not a big horror fan or a big Halloween celebrator. Your skeleton gloves make perfect sense to me (but then, I'm not your average, literal-minded teenager).

Danny, I know, the packages of crackers were such a bummer and so weird. And yes, the evil dolls of Satan in "Trilogy of Terror" definitely spring to mind.