Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Quiz for the Bloggiversary

(Note: someone needs to come up with the standardized spelling for "bloggiversary." I feel like an Elizabethan whenever I type the word.)

My 4-year bloggiversary (can you believe it? I can't) is next Saturday. Appropriately, Princesses Becky and Marcy will be here to help me celebrate. They don't know this yet, but in honor of the occasion, I am going to put them to work, and I am putting all of you, who so choose, to work as well. I am giving you another quiz, similar to one I once gave as a meme (but with different questions and answers). Your job is to see how many of these oh-so-difficult-and-tricky questions about Emily you can answer correctly. All answers have been revealed on this blog sometime during the past four years. Those who get all the answers right will have their names put in a hat. I will then ask Princesses Marcy and Becky each to draw a winner from that hat when they are here next weekend.

What do the lucky winners receive? Every year, since I started my blog, I have posted lists of favorite books read that year. I post a list (usually in July) of my six favorite books from the first half of the year. Then (usually in January of the following year) I post a list of my six favorite books from the second half of the year. The two lucky winners get to choose any four books that have appeared on any of those lists, and I will order and send them via Better World Books (my favorite online bookseller).

Any questions? No? Then, ready? Set? Here we go:

1. Emily went to
a. Salem College
b. The University of Connecticut
c. I don't know. Emily doesn't talk much about her alma mater, but I think she once mentioned that she doesn't do so because she hates the way people are pegged in this country according to where they decided (when they were very young) to study for four years
d. Scripps College

2. Emily has been living in Lancaster County, PA
a. all her life (and makes the best chicken pot pie noodles around)
b. 20+ years (and people still act as though she landed in a spaceship, from Mars, not too long ago)
c. 2 1/2 years (and she still thinks dinner time is between 8:00 and 8:30 p.m., not between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m.)
d. Emily lives in PA? I thought she lived in CT

3. Emily is
a. soon going to be on a TV special, discussing all the true life ghost encounters she's had
b. almost finished writing the biography of her favorite author J.K. Rowling
c. almost finished knitting a gorgeous sweater dress
d. almost finished writing the firs draft of a novel

4. Emily is married to
a. Bob, the Republican Congressman
b. Bob, the Presbyterian minister
c. Bob, the Fox News Correspondent
d. Ed, the Televangelist

5. Emily hates
a. going to parties when she doesn't know anyone
b. cooking
c. scuba diving
d. being alone

6. If Emily were a billionaire, in which of these places would she not have a residence:
a. Manhattan's Upper West Side
b. Winston-Salem, NC
c. Mt. Desert Island, ME
d. Asheville, NC

7. Emily
a. wishes someone would invent an e-book reader that truly caters to readers
b. wishes print books would disappear
c. has no use for e-books and is sure they are merely a passing phase
d. buys just as many e-books as she does print books

8. Emily
a. was the high school homecoming queen
b. was the high school basketball star
c. won 4th place in the high school creative writing contest for a poem she wrote that was misprinted, thus changing its whole meaning
d. was class valedictorian

9. Emily hopes
a. gun laws become more lenient in this country
b. the Tea Partyers take over the world
c. all women will teach their daughters to be proud to say "I am a feminist"
d. everyone in America will soon see that health care for all (especially if provided by the government) is a stupid idea

10. If Emily ran for president she'd have to
a. come clean with the fact that she used to run a puppy mill
b. come clean with the fact that she once used drugs
c. come clean with the fact that she doesn't have children because she hates them
d. come clean with the fact that she thought she was a lesbian until she discovered the Good News of the Gospel, saw the light, and changed her wicked ways

If you're game, just leave your answers in the comments. I will post answers and winners next weekend.


Anne Camille said...

1 = C, because who but a snob would want to admit he/se went to UVA? Although the other people that I know have degrees from there aren't snobbish either.

2 = C, because she moved from Connetticut/NYC area around the time that I started to spend lots of working hours in NYC (although I only go there for fun now). Had she stayed in NYC a bit longer, we might have met in person sooner, & surely would have spent time hanging out at the Hungarian Pastry Cafe at 110 & Amsterdam, talking about books and such.

3 = D. Go writer Emily!

4 = B, B for Bob, the Presby minister
5 <> not B or C. I'll guess A, which seem only slightly more plausible than D.

6. I hope that 6 is not d, because how could you not love Asheville? Therefore I guess B, although I think this may be your hometown; so, an equally problematic answer. I know the correct answer ISN'T A or C.

7 = a. But you'd NEVER want real books to go away entirely.

8 = C. It sounds so EMily.

9 = C. Too easy. If it was any of the other 3, I probably wouldn't have been reading this blog for the last 4 years.

10 = B. But I can't really imagine you stoned. Or on speed.

Fellow participants, don't trust my answers, I may have thrown something in here to mislead, bettering my chances to win!

litlove said...

I'm game, if culturally challenged here. I think the answers are

1 (a complete guess) b
2 c
3 d
4 b
5 a
6 (only recognise Manhattan!) c
7 a
8 c
9 c
10 c

I wish I knew what a valetudian was - it sounds amazing.
And very happy bloggiversary, Emily - four years is an amazing milestone!

Pete said...

Well I'm agreeing with Cam (even if she's wrong on a couple of them). I wasn't sure about 5 and 6 but will confidently predict:

1) c
2) c
3) d
4) b
5) a
6) b
7) a
8) c
9) c
10) b

Fun quiz!

Watson Woodworth said...

Bob the Presbyterian minister!
Knew I knew one!
Happy blogversarry!

ZoesMom said...

Happy bloggiversary! I look forward to helping in the winner selection.

Stefanie said...

1. c?
2. C
3. c, just kidding! d
4. b
5. a
6. either b or d, I'm guessing b
7. a
8. e, all of the above ok, c?
9. c
10. heh, these are all good but I'm guessing b

Congrats on 4 years of blogging! I am so glad to have "met" you and I promise I will send a letter soon!

Rebecca H. said...

Okay, let's see how I do:

1. c
2. c
3. d
4. b (the other choices are hilarious!)
5. a
6. b
7. a
8. c
9. c
10. b

About #10, it might not be such a big deal (if I have the answer right, that is) because Obama writes openly about having done drugs, which is something I admire. I mean, the openness, not necessarily the drug use, but whatever about that too.