Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maine in Pictures

Well, here we are now into our third week in Maine. Three weeks, that is, for Bob. Last week, I spent four days at office headquarters in New Hampshire, which is another beautiful New England spot, but not quite as beautiful as this. Take a look at these pictures and see for yourself.

The road that leads to "our" cottage.

Here's what awaits at the end of that road. Our little homestead.

The view from "our" back door. That's Bass Harbor, a secluded part of it, away from all the boats.

Here's what we eat for breakfast every morning, either as an accompaniment on the side to boiled eggs, or in pancakes, or on top of oatmeal, or on top of yogurt. So many delicious possibilities.

I'm up above Eagle Lake on a our first hike (up North Bubble), and that's the Sound on beyond it. (No, I'm not pregnant. My sweater just makes me look like I am.)

And then we hiked down to the shores of Eagle Lake.

Some of you may be able to see from this shot why Maine reminds me of Scotland.

Gives new meaning to the term "Emerald Forest," doesn't it?

"What's this?" you may ask. So did we (or, at least, Bob did, while I hung around in the background and pretended I didn't know him). Good question. They're filming, at Sand Beach, the cover shot for the spring/summer 2009 L.L. Bean catalog.

Sand Beach from the rocky cliffs above it.

Some of those "rocky cliffs above it."

Hiking with me must be very annoying, because I constantly stop to look at little things like this, which just delight me, along the trail. (It doesn't really matter. Bob's about five miles ahead of me on the trail anyway. He has no idea I've stopped.)

Here's another delightful little thing.

And yet another.

And now we're back down at the shores of Sand Beach (I think Bob's talking to the L.L. Bean crew while I'm taking this picture.)

Huh, I guess we weren't the first ones to the top of this peak.

(Plenty more to come some other day if anyone's interested.)


Eva said...

Those are gorgeous pictures, and I can totally see a little bit of Scotland in the one. What a fun vacation!

Cam said...

Beautiful pictures. I would never have wanted to leave (well, at least until the beginning of that cold Maine winter.

Emily Barton said...

Eva, oh good. I was hoping I'm not the only one who can see that little bit of Scotland.

Cam, it's been a bit chilly already (although hiking does a lot to cut the chill), but the cold Maine winters don't scare me at all. I just put on more layers and curl up under more quilts with my books :-)!

litlove said...

Such lovely photos! Sigh. How I wish I could spend some time in the States - one day, I do hope!

ZoesMom said...

Great pictures! I can't wait to see more. It looks like such a relaxing and peaceful spot.

Emily Barton said...

And, Litlove, of course you know that Pennsylvania, although at times a challenging place to live, is a stunning place to visit. Hint. Hint.

ZM, glad to hear someone is eager for more. The pictures from the top of Cadillac Mt. and others will come soon, I promise.

Dorothy W. said...

Beautiful! I'd love to spend some time in Maine -- and why not, right? It's so close.

stefanie said...

Absolutely beautiful. And I am absolutely envious!

Danny said...

The photo of those Maine blueberries made my mouth water--I remember them well. Do you think they'll still be around the week after next when we're headed that way? After a stop in NY, Kendall and I are going to the Mt. Washington Hotel in NH, finally using a four-year-old wedding gift from the H. gang. Can't wait to see the fall colors--we have none of that here in California!

Emily Barton said...

Danny, the blueberries will probably be gone by then, but the fall colors will be spectacular! They're just beginning to change here in Maine. What dates, exactly, will you be in New York? I'm wondering if I might not be able to get up there to see you. (Probably not, since I've been away so long, but maybe...)

Susan said...

Can I come next time? I've always wanted to go to Maine (Stephen King country!!), and now your photos are lovely, just lovely and the wanderlust in me is saying "will you please learn how to drive so we can take trips?"!! Our trees are just starting to change colour too.