Friday, February 06, 2009

What Do I Know? Meme

To my last point: the lovely Litlove tagged me for this meme, and I, Your Highness, dubbed the Queen o' Memes by Hobs not all that long ago, didn't even realize it until she told me. In the pre-FB days, that never would have happened. Anyway, it's a wonderful meme, and I'm glad I didn't miss it. The rules are self-evident.

1. The leaders who accomplish the most are those who are humble, who expect the best of their followers and treat them as though they do, and who say good, not bad, things about others behind their backs.

2. It's impossible to read everything I want to read in a lifetime, and it's a good idea to come to terms with that (not sure I have, but it's the "what do I know" not the "what do I put into practice?" meme).

3. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, if the dog is open-minded and hasn't lost interest in learning.

4. Happiness loves company just as much as misery does, but nobody ever talks about that.

5. If you don't watch TV, you really don't miss much, and, despite the fact no one thinks you'll be able to do so, you are still able to function quite well in almost any given social situation.

6. The more you feel you have to convince someone to adopt your point of view, the less chance you have of doing so.

7. No family in the world is fully functional (what would that even mean or look like?), but if you come from a family full of good-hearted people who love as best as they know how, you'll probably be okay.

8. No one should be pressured into getting married until he or she is ready (if ever).

9. No one should be pressured into having children until he or she is ready (if ever).

10. The great catastrophes that happen in our lives are very rarely the things we sit around worrying are going to happen.

Since Litlove actually tagged people, so will I: Eva, Susan, Sara, Nigel, and Debby. But if you don't want to do it, you don't have to. Meanwhile, if you're reading this, and I didn't tag you, and you want to do it, please do. Maybe we'll all be a little wiser soon.


litlove said...

I sooooo agree with 2, 6 and 10; they are all deeply interwoven into my personal philosophy. And I agree absolutely about leaders needing to be good through and through. Self-interest, manipulation and bulldozing are VERY obvious on the outside.

I knew you would put together a wonderful list!

Watson Woodworth said...

Happiness does love company.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your list - are you surprised I agree with every single one? Especially the last one...

Emily Barton said...

Litlove, I can tell those are deeply interwoven into your personal philosophy. Oh, and you'd make a great leader.

Nigel, indeed.

Court, you agree with me?! How shocking :-)!