Sunday, May 31, 2009

The All About Mememememe Meme

Yes, the Queen o' Memes has been out conquering other worlds and has not had much time as of late to create new and exciting memes. Sadly, her ship recently found itself wrecked off the shores of Facebook, and she was stuck wandering around in that wasteland, while she waited for repairs. Here, she met people on every street corner trying to get her to find out which board game/life-threatening disease/punctuation mark/department store, etc. she is. She was so distracted by them that she very nearly caught a nasty swine-flu-like virus from someone who was slinking around behind a hidden video camera. Before leaping back on the ship, once it was repaired, and getting her trusty ship's captain to get as far away, as fast as possible, she did happen to notice all these little shops trying to sell fake memes, many of them rip-offs of fine designer versions she's found in Blogland. One, however, caught her interest. It involved getting friends to see if they can answer questions about, well, the person in question.

The Queen likes this idea. After all, what could be more fun for everyone than trying to answer questions about her? She decided to steal that little idea and bring it home with her, sure no one would miss it, especially after she'd tooled around with it and turned it into a meme that would be nearly unrecognizable to most FB users. So, here you go. How well do you think you know the Queen? Here are ten little multiple choice questions to help you see how right you are. (The Queen is nothing, though, if she's not fair to her subjects. There isn't a single question here whose answer cannot somewhere be found on this blog.)

Rules: Try to answer the following questions, and leave your answers in the comments section. If you feel like it (unless I've tagged you. Then you have no choice), create ten questions of your own with multiple choice answers (or use my questions and create your own answers. Or use some of my questions. Or use some of my answers. See how easy I am?) and ask people to see how well they know you. Tag five others to do the same.

1. Where was the Queen born and raised?
a. North Carolina
b. Virginia
c. Connecticut
d. Pennsylvania

2. What is the Queen's favorite book?
a. She's told you a hundred times that she doesn't have one
b. Don Quixote -- Miguel de Cervantes
c. Harry Potter -- J.K. Rowling
d. Friends and Relations --
Elizabeth Bowens
(The Queen knows. Some of you will claim this is a trick question, but it really isn't. Quit whining if you don't want to be dungeon-bound.)

3. It's Friday night, and the Queen is watching a movie. What is it most likely to be?
a. Anything with Clint Eastwood
b. Some, any, "sappy" musical. It is not sappy, thank you very much.
c. Titanic
d. Anything with Catherine Zeta-Jones (oops. Maybe that hasn't ever shown up anywhere on the blog. The Queen apologizes, and will make this question easier by telling you that this is not the answer. The Queen would rather spend a week stranded on Facebook than to have to watch Zeta-Jones "act." However, she will make an exception and put up with the "actress" in order to watch Traffic, because the movie is so good, she can forget there's that woman in there being and doing exactly what she's been and done in every. single. movie she's ever made -- not, mind you, that the Queen has much of an opinion about this).

4. How did the Queen meet her husband?
a. At the publishing company where they both worked
b. On a blind date
c. At the library
d. Through a mutual friend

5. Why could the Queen never be a vegetarian?
a. She thinks all vegetarians are wimps
b. She doesn't like animals and couldn't care less if we kill them
c. Hotdogs
d. She hates vegetables and never cooks with them

6. The Queen is having a nightmare in which she is stranded downtown somewhere and is being forced to do something she hates to do. What is she being forced to do?
a. Shop for clothes
b. Eat sushi
c. Spend six hours in a used bookstore
d. Drink martinis with a group of friends

7. The Queen would be lost without:
a. Her Ford Expedition
b. Her kitchen
c. Texting
d. Rachael Ray

8. The Queen has no patience for people who say:
a. "I just read the best book."
b. "I love math!"
c. "I've got a little apartment on the Upper West Side where you can stay any time you'd like." (Did someone just say that? The Queen is all ears...)
d. "I support women's rights, but I'm not a feminist."

9. The Queen is in the Caribbean. What's she doing?
a. Working on her gorgeous tan
b. She's about forty feet under the sea, looking for turtles and puffer fish
c. Playing volleyball
d. Eating goat

10. The Queen is laughing out loud while reading. What book is she reading?
a. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn -- Betty Smith
b. Moby Dick -- Herman Melville
c. King Lear -- William Shakespeare
d. Three Men in a Boat -- Jerome K. Jerome


Who dubbed me the Queen o' Memes?
a. Charlotte
b. The Hobgoblin
c. Mandarine
d. I did

Tagging: Litlove, Zoe's Mom, Stefanie, Sara, and Ms. Musing.


Rebecca H. said...

Let me see ... I think I can get some of these --

Extra credit: c

How'd I do, how'd I do??

Anne Camille said...

1 - a
2 - b
3 - c
4 - c
5 - c
6 - a
7 - b
8 - d (I almost chose c because I detected a scary bit of envy when I told you that I had a friend on the UWS at whose flat I could stay any time...)
9 - b
10 - d

Anne Camille said...

And I think it was M. Mandarine who dubbed you the Queen 0'Memes.

litlove said...

Hmmmm, some are guesses but:

and extra credit, I think it was the Hobgoblin!

ZoesMom said...

Love this idea! Here are my answers...
1. a
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. d
9. b
10. d
Extra credit -- for some reason I think it was a.

My quiz coming soon!

Emily Barton said...

Everyone, I will post the answers in a couple of days. I must say, though, that I am very impressed with how well you all seem to know me.

Anonymous said...

6.a (but only because you have not yet been clothes shopping with me)

Extra credit: Mandarine

Stefanie said...

1 a (I cheated off Dorothy for this)
2 b
3 b
4 c, I think
5 c
6 a
7 b
8 d
9 b
10 d
extra credit, c?

Oh dear, now I have to come up with 10 questions? I'll have to work on that!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to take a shot at the answers and then go read the "answer meme!"

1. a
2. a
3. b
4. d though that's a guess
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. d
9. b again, a guess but I doubt it's a and I'm dying to know if it's d!
10. a oh, I hope that's it.

Extra Credit c

Emily Barton said...

Sara, you did very well, even with your guesses.