Monday, January 28, 2008

The Conversation

Emily had just arrived back from a week of being up in New England. The previous night, she'd had a wonderful dinner with fellow bloggers Becky, Hobs, and Dorr along with other non-blogging friends and relations. Wish you all could have been there. On top of this lovely evening, she'd recently been extremely jealous, reading all about Bloglily's trip "across the pond" in which she got to meet up with some of her blogging friends. So, needless to say, Emily sat down, her mind full of meeting blog friends, with The Reverend (with whom she had managed to book a date on his busy calendar. This was supposed to be dinner out, but she was too tired and happy to be home with him to want to make the effort to decide where to go -- since they're still learning their way around the area -- and he was quite sick, so they decided a martini and defrosted leftovers were a much better idea). The conversation eventually went something like this.

Emily: So, we're going to have a blogger meet up in Philly this summer.

Bob: Why in Philly? Why not here?

Emily: Because summertime is a hard time to get rooms here, and unless we want to put up people in pews in the church, I think Philly would be a better place for people to base themselves. Besides, I'm posting this publicly. Weirdos who are not part of my blogging community might decide to join us, and I'd rather that happen in Philly.

Bob: But don't you think everyone would rather come here? (My thought bubble reads, "")

Emily: Look, everyone will be welcome to come out here afterwards, if they'd like. It isn't like Philadelphia is in California. Anyway, forget where we're all going to be meeting. I just want to make sure I plan it when you think you'll most likely be able to come, given that you seem to have about ten weddings to officiate this summer, and I'd love it if you could be there. I mean, you know, you're the leading man in my blog, and it seems you ought to be there.

Bob: Well, if everyone might end up coming out here, why do I need to go in there? (Is anyone else married to one of those sorts of men that makes you think, "Good thing we have women. If it were up to men alone to keep the species going, we would have died out before we'd even gotten going, because no one would ever have ventured outside their comfy little caves to meet others?")

Emily: Because they might not all come out here, and I'd kind of like you to meet everyone who decides to come.

Bob: Okay, I'll check my calendar and see what might be good. What's the agenda going to be?

Emily: What do you mean "what's the agenda?" We're just all going to meet up, and you know, talk about books and other interesting stuff.

Bob: I've got an idea. (Bob, the man who has read a total of maybe three of my blog posts has an idea. Everyone, please, listen up.) This should be a brainstorming session. You can all explore together how you're going to give validity to your little corner of the blogging world. If you're going to compete with publishers for the reading public's attention, you 've got to figure out how. Blogs need some sort of a vetting system, like publishers supposedly have. (Hmmm...maybe he hasn't been tuning me out after all when I talk to him about blogs and blogging.)

Damn him. I'm the one who's always supposed to be right. How come he so often usurps my position? It will, of course, be a great opportunity for great minds to get together and brainstorm a Blog Revolution, helping to give blogs the credibility as a valid means of creating and publishing that they are due. We'll show all those naysayers a thing or two. Not that we don't already all try to do that online, but one thing I've learned from my telecommuting experience is that there's nothing that equals face-to-face brainstorming. However, it will also be a wonderful time for us all to get together to discuss books and other interesting things (especially for those of you who might think of yourselves as less revolutionary types). And anyone who wants to take a day trip from Philadelphia out to Lancaster County to do some very "touristy" things in one of Pennsylvania's most "touristy" areas and to have a cup of tea (or two) with us after we've planned our revolution, you are more than welcome.

Right now, I think we are looking at the first and second weeks in August as possibilities. Although I know weekends are better for everyone else, unfortunately, given the nature of Bob's job, a Monday or Friday would probably be best for us. I'd like to know if this works for others. Please email me and let me know at emilymb95 AT gmail DOT com. Meanwhile, as soon as I get an idea of how many of us there are likely to be, I will begin in earnest my research on good places to stay and meet in Philadelphia.


Amanda said...

>is anyone else married to one of those sorts of men that makes you think, "Good thing we have women...

Me, I am. Unless its gaming related its a total struggle to get my husband to ever leave the house. He's not really keen on people being in the house either (unless they are his gaming buddies) It is rather tiresome at times [said in a tone of wry understatement with the tiniest undertone of bitterness]

Incidentally my husband reads my blog now but only after one of his gaming buddies linked to it. I still laugh remembering his utter suprise at the discovery I had a blog this despite my having mentioned it to him a number of times prior to that[He's basically quite a nice person despite all this]

Stefanie said...

I'm married to one of those men too. I'd like to come but I have to check the school calendar and see if I can work airfare into my budget.

litlove said...

Oh dear God, am I married to one of those men. Still, I am very excited by the prospect of Philly and I hope very much to make it.

Anonymous said...

I'm married to one of those, unless the outing involves going to a dive bar.
Sadly, Philly on a weekday just won't work for me, because my entire miserable pittance of vacation time is already slightly over-bespoke. So close, and yet so far...

Heather said...

:( Definitely don't have the funds to come but I can't wait to read all about it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the rendering of this sounds so eerily familiar! Perhaps we married long-lost brothers? That said, I could come out over one of the first two weekends of August but could not take time off during the week as I am taking of insane amounts of time (new job) for my sister-in-law's wedding the third week in August.
That said, we will only be five hours apart once I move and I think we should definitely plan a Saturday to meet somewhere!

Emily Barton said...

Litlove, I'm sure your husband is lovely, just as mine is (if a little too much of the stay-in-my-comfortable-cave type).

Stef, I hope the school calendar and budget allow.

Litlove, it would be magical, I'm sure, if you were here.

MFS, funny, your husband doesn't strike me that way. But then, I'm sure Bob probably doesn't strike you that way either.

Heather, :-(! is right!

Court, yes, I am SO excited about your imminent move. Let's chat off-line.