Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Lines Meme with a Twist and Resolutions

I like this meme, which I think I first saw over at Dorr’s. What better way to start the new year than with a look back at the previous year’s blogging adventures. I’m even going to make this fun for you. You see, in going back over this year’s posts, I realized just how bad my senility already is. There’s so much I did, and so much I wrote about that I never would have remembered if it weren’t all right there for me to see (and I thought it was bad that I’d forgotten things from twelve years ago that I found in my attic). Does anyone else out there scroll through his or her blog and think “I wrote/did that?” How could I have forgotten so much that happened just this past year? So, here’s the fun part for you. Let’s see if any of you, without searching through my blog, can better remember some of the inane things that I decided to address in 2007. In appropriate places, I’ll prompt you with questions, and then you’ll have the chance to win a prize.


Happy New Year, everyone!

(Well, that was a very original way to start the year, wasn’t it?)


It was not a dark (well, maybe it was a little bit dark) and stormy night. But I was accompanied by a Hobgoblin.

(Question #1 for you: What mischievous trick did the Hobgoblin perform that night, according to my story?)


Hobs has requested that we all write about the meaninglessness of the phrase “Support our troops,” which I am all too happy to do. We live in an age of meaningless words and phrases.

(Dorr, I promise I’m not having an affair with your husband, despite the fact he showed up in the first post of the month two months in a row.)


I wish when “givens” were being passed out to babies the year I was born, I’d been at the front of the fast-moving line.

(Question #3: What is one of the “givens” I’ve been stuck with all my life?)


Right now, it seems, Bob and I probably have three choices.

(Question #4: What were those three choices, and which one did we choose?)


The first thing I always do when The New Yorker arrives in the mail is search the table of contents for either David Sedaris or Paul Rudnick.

(No, I’m not a “fag hag.” Then again, maybe I am. I’ve always loved gay men.)


It finally happened to me.

(Question #5: What happened to me? Hint: I was in an airport.)


Okay, by popular demand (all right, all right: by two requests, but don’t say I don’t listen), I’ve decided to select two stories from My Story Book, written when I was nine or ten or so.

(Question #6: Who was Smarty Larty?)


I'm afraid those of you who may have become accustomed to a thrice-weekly or so dose of Telecommuter Talk are going to have to seek out some sort of generic substitute for the next few weeks, as moving, work, and ordination (did you know that planning an ordination is like planning a wedding? Neither did I until now!) obligations monopolize my time.

(And then I never did get back to thrice-weekly posting, but I plan to make up for that in 2008.)


Actually, I would have been back yesterday, but I guess Blogger decided to punish me for my long absence or something and wouldn't let me log onto its site.

(Question #7: And when I finally came back on the scene, with what meme did I present everyone?)


Well, the chains haven't really started rattling much yet, but they've sort of moved onto the scene over here today.

(Question #8: What was I shamelessly plugging here?)


Here are just a few of the things that drive me nuts on a regular basis.

(Question #9 – an easy one for everyone: What were two of these things?)

A free book goes to the person who gets the most answers correct. You get to choose which book I wrote about in 2007 that you’d like to add to your collection, and I’ll send you a copy (this may take a while if it’s something that’s out of print, but I promise I’ll do my best to find whatever you choose). You’re on your honor not to go back and research the answers to the questions. Besides, I just might send a second book to the person who comes up with the most creative answers. In the event of a tie, I will put the names in a hat and draw a winner. If you want to play, leave a comment here and then email your answers to me (so nobody can cheat and steal your answers) at emilymb95 AT gmail DOT com. You have until January 15th to submit your answers.

And now for my New Year's resolutions, of which I have only two:

1. Stop playing around with old ghost stories and write five new ones

2. Get back into my old blogging rhythm

And finally: here's to a great New Year full of books, laughter, and lots of interesting thoughts and ideas with all of you. Cheers!


mandarine said...

I seem to suffer from the same sort of amnesia*: I know I have read all your posts, and yet I cannot answer more than a couple of questions (#1 was the common sorcerer's trick of toggling a street on or off on request; #2 is []; #8 is your ghost story, which I am ashamed to confess I have not read yet; #9 - I was under the impression that there were more than two things driving you nuts on a regular basis; and that's about it).

With such a mouse memory, I could probably live with a dozen books and re-read them every year: I would not notice.

Bonne année n+1!

(* one day, a colleague came to me with a technical report open on page 21, asking me to decipher. I read the paragraph and replied:
-I haven't got a clue; it seems quite smart, but I have never worked on that sort of topic - why don't you ask the guy who wrote it?
-Well, er, it's you)

Rebecca H. said...

I almost posted my answers here and then saw the email instructions and caught myself. I don't think I did very well on this quiz though!

Emily Barton said...

Mandarine, oh dear. If even YOU can't remember things, there's no hope for me. Bonne annee (don't know how to get the accent in there) to you as well. Dorr's got you beat as far as answering the questions. I suppose I need to give everyone extra credit for the missing #2, though.

Dorr, you're winning so far.

mandarine said...

If I understand well the rules of the game, we are not supposed to read this year's posts to find the answers. But how are we to choose the book? You mean we should also remember all the books you wrote about? I give up (aforementioned physiological excuses).

Emily Barton said...

Mandarine, once I announce the winner, you may go back and read my blog to your heart's content (of course), and the winner can browse all posts for interesting books and choose his/her prize.