Monday, September 20, 2010

Music Monday/Lyric Lundi

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous pop songs ever written, lyrically. When it first came out, and my siblings and I saw the video on Top of the Pops, we were very disdainful of it. However, it seems the more we made fun of it, the more it grew on us, and we eventually all came to love it. I loved imitating the women singing "Pop. Pop. Pop music" and bobbing their heads.

Now, I think of it as quite a superb example of the stripped down look and sound of New Age music. 1979 was a pretty exciting time, musically, as we came out of disco and took some of the anger out of punk.

Talk about it!


litlove said...

When this came out, my brother and I assigned the lead singer to the 'Dads' of pop music. The other one around at the time was Brian Ferry - as we in our youth considered him to be, poor man, I'm sure he would have been mortified. Anyway, we found it hilarious to see these middle-aged-looking men with ties dancing around on the stage. Now to look at him, I figure I could probably have given birth to him. Shows how very very young we were....

Emily Barton said...

Litlove, hilarious! Well, you know, he probably WAS old enough to be your dad when this came out.