Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More Ghostly Clues

Okay, everyone, I was just beginning to get a bit tired of being here (the food is very unpredictable. Sometimes it's terrific, and other times, it's burnt porridge), but mainly (despite the fact that I think I have become quite immune to the so-called "horrors" of ghosts over the years), I have become quite frightened, because I have encountered many more ghosts, some of them more terrifying than I would have expected. I hope the ghosts I've seen over the past few days will help one of you identify my whereabouts. Here are a few who might help you:

(All of these ghosts are dressed in Victorian garb.)

1. I saw another little girl. This one was a rather cheerful ghost, though. She spoke French and seemed to want to do nothing but dance. I would have been quite content to spend time with her, but,

2. There is a dark, sort of brooding shadow of a ghost that seems to take over the whole place with a sarcastic air when he is around. He isn't always around, but when he is, he is quite intimidating. I feel as though he is testing me in some way (or that he would if he could). He's not the worst of it, though:

3. Last night, I was truly scared. I heard the most fearful, wicked, crazy laughter and thought I caught a whiff of smoke, and someone was definitely turning the doorknob to the room where I am being held, although not getting in. I was afraid one of my captors had gone completely mad, possibly setting the place on fire before coming in to kill me.

They all vanish come morning, though. It is only my nights that are filled with ghostly goings-on. Please, save me! Tell me where I am and that you are on your way with a police cavalcade to rescue me.


raych said...

You are at Thornfield! Look out for that Grace Poole, she's a shifty character.

Emily Barton said...

Raych, thank you! You rescued me (and won). Email me with your address (and a proper name might be good, too), so I can send you your prize.

Stefanie said...

Raych beat me to it! I was going to say you were trapped in Mr. Rochester's attic. I am glad you were rescued before you jumped off the flaming roof!

Carrie#K said...

Ah well. At least I was right, if too late.

Congratulations, Raych!

Smithereens said...

Oh, you'd lost me. Congrats to Raych! I'm glad you're released so that you can add your chapter to our creepy story.

Danny said...

P.S. What a great, fun way to get kids (and adults) to read! Now I want to read that story. (Book proposal alert!)

Rebecca H. said...

I was thinking of Jane Eyre -- but I'm not quick enough! (And, of course, it's easy to say that now, when I know what the answer is!). Fun game!